Ark of the covenant

2 Ark-of-the-Covenant

Our intentions are not to diminish or discredit any relationship the reader has with the Lord Jesus Christ, rather invoke one to learn a simple study method of ‘rightly dividing‘ God’s Word (2Tim 2:15). These concise studies provide scriptural information as the sole interpreter (2Pet 1:20), unless otherwise stated, for ‘frequently discussed subjects‘.

FILL-N-THE-BLANKS * ‘A Hidden Gospel’

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1. By grace are you saved through faith!

2. Was the thief on the cross baptized?

3. The ‘Great Commission‘ of Matthew 28:19

4. Was Paul sent by Christ to baptize?

5. What is the right hand of God?

6. What does it mean to believe for Salvation?

7. Did believing on the Lord alone save the Jailer?

8. Was speaking in tongues used to relay salvation message?

9. Are tongue to be allowed in Church, with or without an interpreter?

10. Have tongues ceased?

11. Do all speak in tongues?

12. Is once saved always saved delusional?

13. If Jesus is God, then who is He praying to?

14. Antichrist – What does the Bible say?

15. Applying the Blood

16. Salvation? Saved or Assumed?

17. Is Doctrine Important?