Meet our pastor

WATCHMANPastor Vander Etheridge received the Holy Ghost April 15, 1985 and wife Jocelyn, July of that same year and have served faithfully in ministry, with their two daughters, Jessica and Hillary, for many years. After a miraculous conversion (you have to hear his testimony to believe it) from a life of sin, they were instrumental in the work of the Lord everywhere they’ve traveled, being used in preaching, building, teaching Bible Studies and winning souls.

They assisted his pastor Rev. Lairah Murray at ‘Lighthouse Pentecostal Church’ in Meadville MS where they experienced great revival and miracles. God’s leading later carried them to help build ‘Apostolic Faith’ church in Jackson MS. under Rev. Jeffery Germany and from there to assist Rev. Jerry Green at ‘Porter United Pentecostal Church’ in Porter TX.

God opened the door for them to visit Tanzania, East Africa to help in the mission fields. Upon returning to the US, they evangelized for three and a half years in over 35 states, Prince Edward Island and many of the providences of Canada, before moving back to live in the city of Moshi Tanzania to help build “Apostolic Faith of Tanzania” headquarters church.

Once again returning to the USA, the Lord sent them to pastor in Coalinga, CA. where they labored for 7 1/2 years, experiencing growth and great revival before God moved upon their heart to travel across the USA to a small church in Hoschton, GA. They arrived in 2004 and with the help and blessings of God, 2008 the ‘SANCTUARY OF PENTECOST’ was birthed and is experiencing revival!

Our prayers are that you will visit, experience, enjoy and respond to the power of God for HIS Church.